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BS-MARINE is a reputable engine parts manufacturer in South Korea.

BS-Marine International (BS-MARINE) is a manufacturer of genuine engines and parts in South Korea, considered a giant workshop with specialized machinery equipped with the most advanced heat welding and surface treatment technologies to produce high-quality products that meet rigorous world maritime standards. BS-MARINE’s engines and parts come in various types and power ranges, and they are always in stock.

One of the trusted factors for customers is the certifications that BS MARINE has achieved over the years. BS-MARINE has been granted ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificates, KS Q ISO 9001:2009, EN ISO 9001:2008 from Det Norske Veritas (a leading certification organization worldwide established in Norway in 1864). They have also received the ISSA Quality Certificate from the Shipsuppliers & Services Association. To obtain these certificates, BS-MARINE must maintain growth, achieve high profits, and consistently uphold a high profit margin. Additionally, BS-MARINE can stably supply products that meet customer requirements and legal regulations related to products.

The quality management principles are considered the foundation upon which BS-MARINE builds its standards:

1: Customer Orientation

2: Leadership Responsibility

3: Involvement of All Personnel

4: Process Approach

5: System Approach

6: Continuous Improvement

7: Decision-Making Based on Facts

8: Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

In South Korea, BS-MARINE is one of the important members of the Busan Marine Equipment Association.

The Busan Marine Equipment Association has member companies that specialize in manufacturing maritime equipment in the city of Busan. Established in 1992, the association now has 250 member companies, with its main headquarters located in the Nok San Industrial Complex in Busan. The Nok San Industrial Complex covers an area of 280,000 m2 and houses 56 factories that manufacture various maritime equipment. Among them, BS-MARINE’s plant contributes significantly to the total area and plays a role in connecting with foreign maritime partners. Every two years, the Busan Association organizes the Kormarine maritime equipment exhibition, which specializes in showcasing equipment from various maritime, defense, logistics, and transportation industries. BS-MARINE has a prominent presence in this exhibition.

Collaborating with BS-MARINE ensures the quality of goods and fulfills the desires of many fleets, both private and state-owned.

PACIFIC OCEAN is honored to be the exclusive representative of BS-MARINE in Vietnam.

Since 2016, the two companies have been cooperating and serving as the exclusive supplier of BS-MARINE’s engines and parts in Vietnam. Since then, BS-MARINE’s parts and engines and Pacific Ocean’s services have gained the trust and long-term commitment of HTK, ITC, Gas Shipping, NVTrans, Vinalines Shipping, HADUCO, PHƯƠNG ĐÔNG, TÂN CẢNG SHIPPING, PVTRANS, and VITRANSCHART. As one of the top 100 leading brands in Vietnam, Pacific Ocean continues to play its role as a bridge, helping Vietnamese fleets access high-quality maritime spare parts from South Korea quickly and professionally. While the 5-year collaboration has not been too long, Pacific Ocean, with its professionalism and customer-focused approach, will strive to expand its services to more Vietnamese fleets, especially as maritime transportation continues to grow, and fleets are in great need of quality and cost-effective spare parts and engines to remain competitive.