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Graphalloy is a solution for shaft bearings, bushings, thrust washers, or bearing block assemblies.

Graphalloy is a lead/metal alloy used to manufacture bearings, bushings, and various other components for machinery and pumps. It is a solid, homogeneous, self-lubricating, non-corrosive, and abrasion-resistant material that operates in the temperature range of -400°F to 1000°F with low friction.

Graphalloy bearings are highly durable, operating effectively where oil lubricated bearings, greased ones get stuck, and where plastic materials are susceptible to damage. In some applications, these bearings have operated for up to 20 years without maintenance.

With over 100 types, Graphalloy meets a range of technical and engineering solutions and requirements. Some types are also FDA certified, allowing Graphalloy to be used in water treatment applications and municipal water wells.

The standard design of Graphalloy includes shaft bearing assemblies, cam followers, and bushings. More commonly, Graphalloy bushings are custom-designed to the specific requirements of OEMs or as replacements for products in specific applications.

Graphalloy is designed for applications where self-lubricating bearings are necessary. It is used as pump bearings, rotating shaft seal rings, pump valve applications, and similar applications where the equipment is submerged in solutions such as water, gasoline, hydrocarbons, cleaning fluids, hot oil, acids, alkalis, or dyes.

For high-temperature applications such as furnaces, furnace conveyor belts, and annealing ovens where conventional lubricants fail, Graphalloy tubes are renowned for their long life and trouble-free operation. There are Graphalloy installations that have been in operation for over 20 years.

In low-temperature conditions, Graphalloy bushings are used in cryogenic applications with temperatures as low as -52°F.

Using Graphalloy helps save on operating costs, as well as low replacement and maintenance costs.