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Along with the advantage of the 3,260 km long coastline combined with the developing maritime sector, PACIFIC OCEAN has been immersing itself with spare parts and equipment suppliers for the maritime industry in particular and the shipping industry in general. Not limited to being a regular supplier for the transportation fleets in the waters of Vietnam, PACIFIC OCEAN has extended its reach to the open sea, keeping pace with the vibrant international market in providing quality products and services for fleets operating in waters worldwide.

The engine room is considered the heart of the entire operation of an offshore vessel. Understanding this crucial core aspect, PACIFIC OCEAN collaborates with reputable and experienced suppliers with decades of experience in providing spare parts from Korea, Japan, China & EU countries, UK to bring to the active fleets at sea the most reliable and safe materials and equipment, meeting the demands of long-haul cargo transportation at sea.

In a market where the quality and safety of spare parts and equipment for the fleet are paramount, PACIFIC OCEAN has gradually become one of the reputable and preferred suppliers when shipowners think about it.

Alongside the quality of spare parts and services, customer care is also considered a prerequisite for PACIFIC OCEAN in handling industry-related issues. The prompt and efficient resolution by the team of PACIFIC OCEAN staff is not only highly regarded by the large Vietnamese fleets but also receives praise from renowned suppliers on different continents for the prompt work ethic of the PACIFIC OCEAN team.